Cardwell Primary School



We have been reading the book 'Wonder' by Raquel J. Palacio. The book tells the story of a boy called Auggie who has a facial deformity as he starts school for the first time. In English,  we wrote interviews and diary entries including his thoughts and feelings.

We also learnt the importance of empathy and produced artwork to represent our thoughts and feelings.

Questions to consider:

The author has explained that she was inspired to write Wonder after an experience at a local ice cream parlour, very similar to the scene where Jack sees Auggie for the first time. In this scene, Jack’s babysitter Veronica chooses to get up and quickly walk Jack and his little brother Jamie away from Auggie, rather than risk Jamie saying something rude or hurtful. What do you think you would have done, if put in that position?

Throughout Wonder, Auggie describes the way that many people react to seeing his face for the first time: by immediately looking away. Have you ever been in a situation where you have responded like this to seeing someone different? Having now read Wonder, how do you feel about this now? 






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