Cardwell Primary School


Woodlands Farm visit

On Friday 15th February the Year 4 Eco Warriors visited Woodlands Farm with Eglinton pupils to learn where food comes from. They got to see animals they’d never seen before including: cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and  guinea pigs and even got to stroke them (which was a little nerve-wracking). They also learnt how to look after the animals and how to milk a cow, they then tried this themselves on a pretend cow.

They then got to see the allotments and learnt how rotation of plants is vital, what seeds would be most successful to plant and when to plant them. They then learnt how to plant seeds in compostable pots that they made themselves and got to take these home to grow them at home.

They are now inspired to develop our school allotment so it’s as good as the ones they saw.

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