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We are proud of our good attendance rates and these are reported in our weekly newsletter, sent to all parents/carers. Congratulations to those pupils who achieve 100% attendance.

We believe that children can reach their full potential only by receiving full-time education, through regular and structured attendance. All staff are concerned for the children's welfare and happiness and everyone plays a part in promoting regular attendance among the pupils. Cardwell Primary School expects all pupils to arrive and leave school punctually and we emphasise this to parents.

Parents and Carers must notify the school on Studybugs or by telephone if your child is absent or late for school. There is an answer phone machine in the main office so a message can be left at any time. Children who arrive late to school must report to the main reception and sign in on the screen.

We will follow up any unexplained absence or lateness with a phone call and/or a letter. Punctuality and absences are regularly monitored by the Attendance Advisory Service.  School attendance is a legal requirement which is enforced by Royal Borough of Greenwich.

When a child is obviously unwell, the best place to be is at home with an adult. A sick child will be very unhappy at school and unable to cope with schoolwork. If the illness is infectious, other children and teachers may also become ill, so the child must be kept at home.

Should your child have an infectious illness, tell us as soon as the doctor has confirmed this. This information is so we can monitor the classes to check if illness has spread.

If your child needs to leave school during the day you must provide us with evidence to why they are leaving.  Unless we have contact from the parent, the child will not be allowed to leave the school premises.


Please note:

  • The local authority are monitoring unauthorised absence
  • Holidays must not be taken during school term time
  • The Executive Headteacher can only authorise certain absences in cases of absolute emergency.


The school will not authorise any time out for family holidays.  Only at the discretion of the school and in exceptional circumstances, may leave be granted but parents must put their request in writing on the term time absence form.  If the absence is for an extended period, the school may seek to off-roll the pupil and the parents will need to apply for re-admittance to the school.

Doctors/ dentist appointments are not absences unless the child misses the whole session.  Please ask the service to give you an appointment at the beginning or end of the day so your child can attend school before or after the appointment. A child who has a medical/dental appointment and then comes to school later, can be credited with an attendance for the whole session provided they have attended at the first possible opportunity - this is acceptable lateness.  The situation is the same for children who leave school after registration for a good reason such as illness or to attend a medical appointment.

Authorisation for absence for religious purposes will be considered on request.  The special circumstances code is to be used at the discretion of the school, e.g. death in the family, moving house etc.  All requests for absence must be discussed with the Head of School or the Executive Headteacher before authorisation.


For further information please view the full Attendance Policy

 The Appendices on the policy include: