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Whole school curriculum overview

The curriculum overview shows the learning units for each term from Early Years (FS) through to Year 6.  Where possible cross-curricular links are made and learning is often based around a key text (with suggested texts indicated), to ensure that each term the learning has a clear context. Using a text based unit allows the children to become immersed in their learning with a range of opportunities for reading and writing. This allows deeper learning, enjoyment and excellent writing outcomes. All classes are given opportunities to write across the curriculum, ensuring they have a purpose for writing and develop skills to write both fiction and non-fiction.

The units are planned to ensure there is a clear progression in knowledge, content and skills learning across the school, based on the existing new National Curriculum.

To see the whole school curriculum overview please click on the link below.

Whole school curriculum map 2018 - 2019

Further details about the National Curriculum can be found here:

To see more information about particular subjects please click on subject information and then the specific subject name.

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