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Cardwell Primary School

Mutual respect, resilience, responsibility, tolerance and perseverance

Learning for life

Whole School Curriculum 

‘The curriculum represents the totality of the experience of the child within schooling.  It includes wider elements, including opportunities to acquire vital ‘personal’ and ‘social’ capitals.’ Mary Myatt

‘Knowledge begets Knowledge.’ E.D. Hirsch, Jr

The curriculum at Cardwell is purposefully constructed to provide a clear progression model – linked to expectations set out in the National Curriculum. Cardwell learners are entitled to an education that equips them with the knowledge, skills and values they need in order to embrace the opportunities and challenges they encounter; leaving them ready for their next stage in life.  



The Cardwell curriculum aims to enable pupils to:

  • Value and understand the importance of their ongoing education.

  • Become confident, positive learners who make effective progress and achieve their potential.

  • Understand how to live a safe, healthy and happy life.



  • Learning is purposefully planned to build upon prior learning and develop deeper understanding from FS – Y6.

  • Clear progression documents (based on the National Curriculum) account for how the curriculum is both spiral and interleaved; accounting for prior knowledge, key objectives (from the national curriculum), key vocabulary and key themes. We focus on both the journey our curriculum takes children on and the role of cognitive psychology to build up knowledge and skills.

  • A dialogic approach where teachers ‘Think Out Loud’ (Lets Think!) is consistent in curriculum delivery to ensure pupils are able to engage with their learning and analyse their thoughts.



Our curriculum:

  • Promotes ambitious, aspirational high standards in Reading, Writing and Maths – readying children for their next stage of education.

  • Exposes children to quality texts and a love of reading, across the curriculum.

  • Is broad, balanced and well-structured; with sequenced learning that ensures progress in each subject.

  • Values subjects as a discipline in their own right.

  • Provides children with a sense of wellbeing and pride in all that they achieve.

  • Offers a broad range of enrichment opportunities to further support the development of cultural capital.



Character education and enrichment are a key part of our strategy for all pupils. Cardwell Values underpin this:

  • Mutual Respect

  • Resilience

  • Responsibility

  • Perseverance

  • Tolerance


Cardwell Curriculum Map – Our Progression Model

Our curriculum map shows the learning undertaken from the Early Years through to Year 6.  In the Early Years (Nursery and Reception) we follow the statutory guidance of the EYFS framework. For years 1 – 6 we follow the National Curriculum.

Subjects are taught in units that are planned to enable the development of knowledge and skills alongside gaining understanding of key themes and ideas. Vocabulary is a key element of this.  Each subject is valued as its own discipline.  Where possible links are made to ensure there is a connection in learning.  Cross-curricular learning where possible enables a chance for deepening understanding across subjects or units within subjects.   

Whole School Curriculum Overview (FS - Year 6)

Foundation Stage Curriculum Map 

Year 1 Curriculum Map

Year 2 Curriculum Map

Year 3 Curriculum Map

Year 4 Curriculum Map

Year 5 Curriculum Map

Year 6 Curriculum Map


English includes; Reading, Phonics, English Grammar and Punctuation, Speaking and Listening and Writing.


Teaching of Reading

Reading is the heartbeat of all learning at Cardwell.

Curriculum time is allocated to the discreet teaching of reading in guided and whole class reading sessions; enabling pupils to decode, become fluent and to understand meaning in what is read. It is central to becoming effective, empowered learners.  Intervention and 1:1 reading is prioritised where learners require additional support. 


Reading for Pleasure

Curriculum time is also allocated to reading for pleasure, for the joy of reading.  Author visits and ‘book themed’ days ensure that reading is prioritised and promoted across the curriculum.



At Cardwell we follow ‘Letters and Sound’ and acknowledge the importance of an effective approach for all learners.



An established Mastery approach is in place across the school. Pupils are exposed to:

Fluency – understanding number and rapid recall of facts

Problem Solving – applying knowledge to solve problems

Reasoning – thinking about number and explaining these thoughts

We recognise the importance of all three elements. Furthermore, within lessons all classes ensure there is concrete (counter / practical resources) and pictorial representations alongside abstract Maths.


Science, History, Geography, Art, DT, Computing and PE are based upon the National Curriculum.



Science units are based on the National Curriculum and our progression document ensures sequenced learning builds knowledge. Investigative elements are included in all units to ensure children are exposed to enquiry and seeking answers to questions that are asked.

A Science week and enrichment visits ensure pupils receive a broad Science curriculum.


Science Curriculum Map 2019 - 2020



History units ensure that children grasp an understanding of historical disciplines as well as accumulate key knowledge.  Themes cross the different units to ensure connected understanding.  

Each class has a time line and all teaching units start with a chronology focus to aid understanding.



Geography units ensure that children gain a wide knowledge of the human and natural world and understand their impact on the world. 

Each class has a world map through which to refer during Geography learning or when addressing current affairs.


History/Geography Curriculum Map 2019 - 2020



Computing lessons – using Chrome books and Apple tech – ensure pupils have an understanding of key skills for computing, digital learning and online safety.


Computing Curriculum Map 2019 - 2020



Units ensure that children are exposed to all key aspects of Design and Technology.  Unit planning is supported by an expert leader and use of a DT suite at a local secondary school enriches experiences.



Teachers are supporting in planning backwards – by an Artist - sequences of lessons ensure clear progression of skills and excellent outcomes.


DT/Art Curriculum Map 2019 - 2020



Units of music are planned to ensure clear progression for all children and that children are exposed to key ideas and musical knowledge.


Music Curriculum Map 2019 - 2020



The chosen language for MfL at Cardwell is French. It is taught by a specialist French teacher. Children in KS1 are exposed to French through a weekly assembly where songs are learnt. Children in KS2 receive a weekly lesson and key vocabulary is recapped by teachers during the week.


MfL Curriculum Map 2019 - 2020



As a school we adopt the RBG scheme of work, established by the SACRE.

Understanding religion is essential in supporting our pupils in being next stage ready and understanding the society that we live in.


RE Curriculum Map 2019 - 2020


Further details about the National Curriculum can be found here:

To see more information about particular subjects please click on subject information and then the specific subject name.