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Autumn 1

In Maths we learnt how to count and order different number of objects up to ten and how to recognise the numerals and their names in words. We then moved onto focusing on a number, specifically finding 1 more and 1 less of a given number. We learnt new maths symbols when comparing numbers called ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ and learnt to make the symbols with our hands. 

In English we read a new exciting text called 'Wild'. In this book we read about different animals and described their characteristics. We have enjoyed making the main character from our text out of play dough and have written simple instructions on how we made it. We then continued looking at the character 'Wild' who visited the city. Through this story, we learnt about the difference between being in the wild and city life and have written simple sentences concentrating on capital letters and full stops.


We enjoyed our Science lessons observing the weather each day this week and learnt about the change in seasons and delivered our own weather forecast in class.  

In History we learnt about toys from the past and how they differed to toys we have today.

Autumn 2


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