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Autumn 1

We have learnt about the famous Great Fire of London and sequenced the key events in chronological order. In English, we had fun reading and identifying features of a comic strip and wrote a report about it. 

We made links to our history topic the 'Great Fire of London' and produced a fire safety leaflet for adults. 

We were excited and proud of our artwork, which was drawing skylines of London. 

In Science, we enjoyed carrying out an investigation into how materials are made, we even attempted to make our own paper! 

In Maths we learnt how to partition numbers up to the value of three digits to enable us to calculate numbers quickly and we have been adding three numbers together and learning to identify multiples of ten. We have focused on subtraction and learnt to subtract a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number.

We loved learning the 'Rama and Sita' story in RE and made our own story maps.

Autumn 2





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