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IKEA Workshops

These workshops were run by staff from the soon to be opening Greenwich IKEA store. This was a valuable opportunity that was given to the school and children have absolutely loved it and learnt a lot that will have an impact on their lives in the future!

The 1st Workshop: Grow Your Own gave the children growing tips, idea’s for home growing, some science around the seasons, the present and future of home growing, and the benefits of home growing. Then, they took part in an activity where they planted their own seeds in their sustainable pots. We were very excited when IKEA donated to the school a brand new indoor growing kit, light and incubator so that we can build on what we have learnt and grow plants indoors after the workshop.

The 2nd Workshop: Taste Obstacle taught the children that by using particular senses, they could work out whether they liked a certain food or not and how we can challenge our own senses. They took part in a lot of different friendly competitions that tested their taste buds in a fun way. All the children were given a water bottle and a lunch box to take away with them.

The 3rd Workshop: Cosy Homes taught the children some valuable sewing skills whilst going through what they could do with old clothes/fabrics. They sewed their own draft excluder, stuffing it with old clothes and textiles and then sewed it up. They then got to take it home.

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