Cardwell Primary School


Mutual Respect, Resilience,
Responsibility, Tolerance and Perseverance

Mobile Farm Visit

On Tuesday 29th June, a mobile farm visited Cardwell to support learning done in class and to give children the experience of a farm. By engaging children in the farm, we were able to teach them how to care about the animals and creatures and help them understand about different animals which we hope will also then translate into caring about others. The farm was in our bottom playground all day and all the children got to visit the farm at a designated time. Animals included: Sheep, Goat, Chicken, Ducks, Rabbit, Hamster, Bald Fancy Rat, Guinea Pig, African Pygmy Hedgehog, Horsefield Tortoise, Royal Python, Corn Snake, Crested Gecko, Leopard Gecko, White Tree Frog, Bearded Dragon, Tarantula, Curly Haired Spider, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Domino Cockroaches, Giant Millipedes and Giant Land Snails.