Cardwell Primary School


Mutual Respect, Resilience,
Responsibility, Tolerance and Perseverance

Community LINKS

Providing aspirational, exceptional opportunities for Cardwell pupils is the inspiration and drive behind setting up extensive links with the wider community in London.  We are very grateful for the commitment and opportunities afforded to Cardwell pupils through these generous links.

Team London (Mayor of London's volunteering programme) 

We were selected to be the lead school for the Royal Borough of Greenwich to lead the Young Leader programme in which a group of pupils are selected to be Team London Young Leaders and visit City Hall throughout the school year joining up with other schools in the Borough to form a youth panel. The group of pupils are then given a small budget to run their own local campaign or event in their borough which will make an impact on the local community and inspire others to join the movement. Projects have so far benefited and educated over 1000 pupils in the borough on how to develop a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Team London Enterprise Advisers (BDO insurance)

Business volunteers working in senior roles, work with us to develop careers education and business engagement strategies. This ensures that young people are equipped with the skills they need.    Previous projects include – the Virgin Fiver Challenge - a way of introducing financial literacy, resilience and teamwork. Pupils had a month to set up a mini business and create a product or service they can then sell or deliver at a profit at the Summer Fair and engage with their local community.

Metro Bank

Metro Bank Money Zone introduced Years 4, 5 and 6 pupils to financial skills, helping them understand how money, saving and banking work.

The programme took place over 4 sessions. A trained bank colleague came to school to teach the first 3 sessions in the classroom. The fourth session took place at a Metro Bank store. Pupils met real Metro Bank cashiers, stepped inside a vault, experienced the Magic Money Machine and met the Metro Bank mascot.

NatWest Bank

Pupils took part in workshops led by NatWest Bank volunteers to experience and use Maths in different real life situations.

Years 1 and 2 took part in a workshop entitled 'How we use money' in which they explored the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, ways in which families spend money, and our choices around how to use money (e.g. spend, save or donate).

Years 3 and 4 took part in a workshop entitled 'Fraud scene investigators' in which they helped solve a fraud which has been committed against their friend. They were then asked to create and present a report warning others of the dangers of identity theft and fraud.

Years 5 and 6 took part in a workshop entitled 'It’s party time!' in which they researched and presented to the rest of the class a fully costed, reasonably priced birthday party, including ideas about how to reduce costs. They were also asked to make suggestions about the best way to save and pay for different aspects of the party.


Pupils visited the new IKEA store in Charlton to participate in some fun and educational workshops to learn about sustainability and sustainable living.

They will also had a tour of the Greenwich store to see what IKEA had been doing to make this their greenest location. The great Greenwich store quest involved visiting the Knowledge Kitchen, the Healthy Living Room set, Seeding Garden and Learning Lab, built specially to teach people the benefits of sustainable living. One of the workshop activities allowed pupils to learn about practical methods for reducing waste and make their own pencil cases to take home with them.

We also held an extra-curricular club which involved three different workshops:

The 1st Workshop: Grow Your Own                                                                              

This workshop took the children through growing tips, idea’s for home growing, some science around the seasons, the present and future of home growing, benefits of home growing and then an exercise where they planted their own seed in their pots.


The 2nd Workshop: Taste Obstacle                                                                              

This workshop took the children through the senses, how they help us work out whether we like the food or not and how we can challenge our own senses. They then took part in a lot of different friendly competitions to help challenge their taste buds in a fun way.


The 3rd Workshop: Cosy Homes                                                                                   

This workshop taught the children some valuable sewing skills whilst going through what we can do with our old clothes/fabrics then they did an activity where they sewed their own draft excluder, highlighting how they could make an impact with it at home.

Following the workshop we did an article for their digital brochure for their website supporting their customers and communities to be inspired to live more sustainable lives.


Price Waterhouse Coopers 

Sent us in one of their policy experts to do a community debate around Brexit just before the referendum, and we also attend their annual Pantomime at the Peacock Theatre in Central London.

Charlton Athletic Football Club

Providing new initiatives such as the Equality and Diversity Seminar at The Valley with a CAFC player appearance and stadium tour and funding Skills2Achieve PE and PSHE assessment tool.

Millwall Football Club

Pupils have been invited to take part in inter-school tournaments at the stadium and have played matches on their indoor training ground.

The Economist

We have been invited us to their offices multiple times to give our children the opportunity to create their own video packages and participate in debates.

Matthew Pennycook, the Woolwich MP

Arranged House of Parliament visits for years 2 – 6.


The ASDA Charlton Community Champion visits Cardwell weekly to support lunchtime clubs and read with Key Stage 1 pupils. She also supports our School Parliament in their Fiver Challenge initiatives. Our choir also perform at the Charlton store during the lead up to Christmas. They have provided us with items for our Summer Fair and support in the running of school community events.


Worked with community champion to provide singing and they have provided prizes for our school raffles and helped in the running of our sports events. 

They also funded our Forest School and Reading Garden when we won the 'Bags of Help' grant scheme when we had the most tokens donated in Tesco stores.

The Royal Collection

Many pupils have visited Buckingham Palace to develop Literacy and widen horizons.

Under 1 Roof

We were the first school to visit the centre and pupils were able to try out the facilities. Key Stage 1 pupils have since visited the centre for theatre workshops and the school council provided work for their gallery which was officially opened by our school councillors. The school choir were invited to perform at their 1st Birthday Party celebrations and took part in activities during the day.

Pupils are members of their Children's Parliament which consists of pupils from four Greenwich primary schools. The pupils work alongside Under1Roof staff organising and leading events to benefit the local community.


Provide funding and food for breakfast club before school.

The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy have led assemblies and provided team building and confidence building workshops.

EEA (Emergency Exit Arts)

Art company that we have worked alongside to produce work for the Woolwich Winter Warmer Festival and the Woolwich Carnival and pupils took part in an Art project led by them based around looking into the imagination of others. They produced artwork that became part of installations housed and disguised in bird boxes, which toured different public spaces and was viewed and celebrated by members of the public and the wider school community.

Taru Arts

Worked alongside them to provide drumming and dance for the Woolwich Winter Warmer Festival and the Woolwich Carnival.

The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery

We had visits from the horses and soldiers and pupils will soon be visiting the barracks.

Spectrum Graphics

Provided display photos and frames and printing for school events.

Pyramid Martial Arts

Provided instructors to support our sports events.

Charlton Park Care Home

Pupils have sung for the elderly residents.