Cardwell Primary School


Mutual Respect, Resilience,
Responsibility, Tolerance and Perseverance

Pupil Leadership

Pupil leadership opportunities enable children to develop communication, organisation and collaboration skills through key roles of responsibility and new experiences that will benefit them in later life. Pupils relish the opportunity to become a greater part of school life and enjoy making a positive impact on the school.

School Parliament

The role of the School Parliament is to give the children a chance to share their classes ideas and opinions about how to improve the school. Each class elect a boy and a girl to be the representatives for their class.  These members make up the School Parliament.

Being a Parliament member is a very important and rewarding job. The children have to be good listeners, be able to share ideas and speak confidently and be able to collaborate and implement some of the changes by their peers.  Children will also learn different skills that are transferable to many aspects of their future lives.

Why do we need a School Parliament?

  • To allow the voice of all children to be heard
  • To improve the school for everyone
  • To be a positive role model who inspires others and raises aspiration in themselves and others
  • To be support adults in what they are already doing

Year 6 Responsibilities

In Year 6, pupils are given responsibilities for a range of areas within the school. These roles are chosen and have taken into account children’s strengths and interests that they have shown throughout their time at the school. We hope that these roles will prepare them for Secondary School, as well as for roles that they may hold later in life.